About Us

Academic-Industry Partnership ExecutedExecuted Successfully. Successfully.


About Us

Academic-Industry Partnership Executed Successfully.Executed Successfully.

About Us

T3 Consultants specialize in environmental, financial regulation, and complex change management. We help clients comply with local & global regulations as well as improve the dialogue with their supervisors to stay ahead of the curb. Our approach is centred around sourcing the best talent for the job-whether academic, industry or public sector-  to optimize results and promote innovation. 

T3 has in-depth experience handling complex and sensitive assignments within change management. We have helped clients address multi-layered challenges where shareholder or supervisor scrutiny is heightened and where many internal challenges compete.

We leverage our strong partnership with software providers, lobbyists, and academics to ensure we benefit from the latest advances in operational sciences and technology while minimizing disruption to daily operations.

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Our Mission

At T3, we believe in cross-pollinating minds across industry and academia to maximize socio-economic impact. As a female-led consulting firm, we nurture diverse talent, promote new ways of thinking and uphold socially responsible work practices.

Our founders


Lana Hampicke


Gwendoline Grollier


Our selection process is one of the most competitive on the market. We take pride in having the best talent from industry and academia to work on assignments.

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