Emerging & Specific Regulation

Bank Regulation Consulting: UK & EU Regulatory Compliance

Financial institutions face relentless regulatory change across multiple jurisdictions. This creates a balancing act between compliance, cost control, and achieving strategic goals. Boards and senior management need clear, actionable ways to demonstrate compliance, meeting both regulator expectations and their own responsibilities.

Our team of ex-regulators and industry experts helps you:

  • Stay Ahead of Change: Anticipate the impact of new rules and proactively adjust your business.
  • Optimize Resources: Implement compliance efficiently, freeing up capital and liquidity.
  • Navigate Authorization: Guide new market entrants seamlessly through the regulatory approval process.
  • Harness Technology: Leverage automation to enhance compliance and reduce costs.

Bank Treasury Evolved: Supporting Business Strategy and Regulatory Demands

Treasury functions play a critical role in balancing business, capital, and regulatory needs. We empower Treasurers to:

  • Align with Business Goals: Ensure Treasury strategies support revenue generation.
  • Satisfy Regulatory Scrutiny: Demonstrate robust risk management and compliance practices.
  • Drive Efficiency: Optimize capital allocation and liquidity management.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

We combine regulatory insight with deep industry knowledge. Our team understands the practical challenges you face. Let us help you with:

  • Ongoing Compliance: Stay on track with complex prudential and conduct rules.
  • Supervisory Reviews: Prepare confidently for regulator interactions.
  • Transformative Projects: Design and execute regulatory change programs.
  • Structuring & Transactions: Ensure deals meet regulatory approval and optimize outcomes.
  • Planning for the Unexpected: Develop robust recovery and resolution plans.
  • Securitization Success: Navigate rules, perform due diligence, and optimize structures.

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Anti Money Laundering




BCBS 239