At T3, we don’t just believe in excellence – we embody it. Our unique approach ensures that we always source the most suited expertise and skillset for any challenge. By blending the top 1% of consultants within Professional Services with the insights of seasoned independent advisors, we guarantee a dynamic and tailored solution for every client. 


Dr Ahmed Shawky Mohammed
Dr Ahmed M.

ESG Assurance & Greenwashing Mitigation (Advisor)

  • Seasoned global assurance leader with over 20 years of experience delivering internal audit transformation, sustainability and ESG assurance services
  • Expertise in ESG frameworks, corporate governance, internal audit transformation, and greenwashing risk mitigation
  • Proven track record working with major global sovereign funds, national and international organisations
  • Doctorate research focused on mitigating greenwashing from Durham University
  • Member of global ESG technical committees and advisory boards.
Christian Kroll
Christian K.

ESG Pioneer & Renowned Expert (Advisor)

  • Full Professor of Sustainability
  • Inventor of the first measurement system for the UN SDGs
  • Founding Scientific Director: SDG Index & Dashboards
  • Advisor on Sustainability & ESG to FTSE 500 companies, governments and International Org.
  • Published author (Cambridge University Press)
  • Panellist & Speaker: Davos, UN, EU, etc.
  • In the press: CNN, BBC, Le Monde, Harvard Business Review
  • Expert member: WEF Crypto Sustainability Coalition (Web 3, Blockchain)
David Carlin
David C.

ESG Strategy Climate Risk Expert (Advisor)

  • Head of Climate Risk and TCFD for UNEP FI programs for over 50 banks and investors
  • Trained Central banks & supervisors globally on climate risks & financial implications
  • Senior Associate Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
  • Industry standards for scenario definition & analysis with Cambridge, CICERO, NIESR, and PIK
  • Led the technical workstream for GFANZ
  • ex- Associate Partner for Oliver Wyman: worked on net-zero alignment and target-setting
  • Published author: Forbes, UN, Times
Nilesh N.

ESG Reporting specialist

  • Expert in SFDR, guiding financial market participants in ESG risk and opportunity disclosures.
  • GRI: ensuring transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting for diverse stakeholders.
  • Deep knowledge of the EU Taxonomy, assisting businesses in aligning their activities with the EU’s green objectives.
  • Skilled in other prominent ESG reporting frameworks, including CDP and SASB
  • Offers strategic insights and actionable roadmaps for organisations aiming to enhance their ESG reporting
Jason N.

Model Validation Lead

  • Extensive experience in validating ESG data models for leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Proven track record of ensuring accuracy and consistency of ESG data through comprehensive validation processes.
  • Collaborated with top ESG rating agencies to enhance model robustness and reliability.
  • Conducted innovative research on emerging ESG data validation techniques.
  • Acknowledged as a thought leader in the field, sharing insights at international ESG conferences.
Thomas R.

ESG Data Experts

  • Specialist in ESG data modeling for private sector ex- MSCI
  • Skilled in developing robust sustainability models
  • Proficient in analyzing and interpreting ESG data.
  • Collaborated with companies to implement effective ESG data models at companies like RepRisk.
  • Contributed to advancing ESG data modelling practices.
  • Presented insights at industry conferences, fostering knowledge exchange.
Sven A.

Hydrogen specialist

  • Collaborated with prestigious companies like Shell, Toyota, and Siemens in hydrogen production, storage, and distribution technologies.
  • Contributed to cutting-edge fuel cell systems and electrolyzers for efficient hydrogen utilization within Automobile Industry
  • Implemented safety protocols and risk assessments for notable projects with Total and ExxonMobil.
  • Led successful hydrogen R&D with top 10 Universities
  • Advised on hydrogen strategies for renowned companies in Energy Sector
Kayla K.

Circularity Speciatist

  • Pioneered circular economy strategies with prestigious companies like Unilever, IKEA, and Coca-Cola.
  • Developed sustainable product design principles at Procter & Gamble and Patagonia.
  • Implemented closed-loop systems for waste reduction with Nestle and PepsiCo.
  • Led successful circularity initiatives at H&M and Levi’s, fostering eco-friendly practices.
  • Consulted with Walmart and Target on circular supply chain models.
  • Recognized speaker at circular economy forums hosted by World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
Joseph B.

ESG- Real Estate

  • Deep expertise in integrating ESG principles into real estate, championing sustainable development through BREEAM, WELL, and LEED certifications.
  • Proficient in the nuances of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), guiding real estate investment funds in ESG disclosures and compliance.
  • Led the adoption and implementation of BREEAM, WELL, and LEED standards across real estate portfolios, ensuring properties meet top-tier environmental and well-being benchmarks.
Doyin Adeleye
Doyin A.

Sustainability, ESG and Net Zero (Advisor)

  • Climate related disclosures, energy transition, decarbonisation & net zero, CSR, sustainability, nature base climate solutions and environmental management expert with previous roles at WSP, Balfour Beatty, DECC, OFGEM, Energise, etc.
  • External consultant to Carbon Limits (Africa) and PWR Advisory, managing partner at Conset Limited (UK), serving board director at ALERC (UK)
  • Masters Degree in Energy, Environment & Economics with CIBSE professional membership
  • Deep understanding in ESG reporting standards and frameworks, incl. UN Global Compact, GRI, CDP, SASB, TCFD & GRESB
Sven Beiker
Dr Sven B

Senior Advisor - EV Mobility (Advisor)

  • Lecturer at the Stanford Business School
  • Expert Consultant to McKinsey on Mobility
  • Innovation Lead for BMW (expertise in EV,  chassis and powertrain projects)
  • Advisory Board of several start-ups (e.g. Apex.Ai, ODEM.io and RemotiveLabs) in the mobility space
  • Advisor to the German American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco.
  • Co-Editor to the Springer Lecture Notes in Mobility.
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany
Isabela Espindola
Dr Isabela E

Water Policy & Regulation, Advocacy (Advisor)

  • Senior Officer at International Water Association & professor of Global Environmental Policy
  • Led successful projects on international cooperation, hydrodiplomacy and stakeholder engagement
  • Deep understanding and proficiency in transboundary water management and governance, ESG and SDG
  • Recognised panellist & speaker (G20, UN, EU, COP, etc.) & published author: Palgrave, Routledge, Oxford
  • Advisor to Wavemaker United and Águas Resilientes foundation
  • Member of WYN, WYPW, OWSD
  • Proven track record in enhancing civil society engagement
Tom B.

ESG Product Development Expert

  • Develop ESG Data Analytics Platforms for Top 3 data ESG Data provxiders globally
  • Lead Sustainability Management Software for measuring energy use, waste production, and carbon emissions.
  • Build Supply Chain Transparency Tools: ensure that suppliers are adhering to environmental and social standards, and they can provide transparency to stakeholders about the company’s supply chain practices.
  • In-house Climate Risk Assessment Tools


Giovanni Bandi
Giovanni B.

Regulatory Technology, Securities Markets & Supervision (Advisor)

  • Renowned Expert in FinTech and SupTech Applications – specializing in Cutting-Edge AI and Machine Readable Innovations
  • Executive Director of the Cambridge Regulatory Genome Project (RGP) – a Multi-Million-Dollar public-private Research Initiative of the University of Cambridge
  • Current IMF Securities Markets and FinTech Consultant, World Bank Advisor for Securities Markets – Financial Stability Assessment Program
  • Former Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority Director of Supervision, and IOSCO Investment Management Committee member
  • PhD in Securities Law coupled with a BSc/MSc Finance and LL.M in EU Business Law
Kristin K.

Prudential Regulation Specialist

  • Led a specialized team focused on the practical implications of the CRR and CRD for European banks (BCBS regulation)
  • Advised major institutions on transitioning to the CRR/CRD IV and preparing for upcoming changes under CRR2/CRD V.
  • Supported banks with Model Waivers and S166
  • Assist firms in responding to consultation papers and formulating regulatory responses
Diana L.

EU Policy & Governance

  • Advises on the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) for compliant fund management.
  • Assists in ensuring that asset managers and banks align with the General Data Protection Regulation, safeguarding client information and mitigating risks of non-compliance.
  • Keeps clients informed and prepared for the evolving EU financial landscape, ensuring they’re always ahead of regulatory changes or amendments.
Robert D.

Financial Crime, AML, Conduct, Consumer Duty

  • Over a decade at the FCA, gaining unparalleled insight into financial regulations and compliance (AML, CTF, Conduct Risk, Consumer Duty, UK Stewardship)
  • Supported ECB in the assessment of systemic risks, the supervision of significant financial institutions, and the implementation of macroprudential policies
  • Help companies setting up the right controls and frameworks to identify and assess risks in financial markets, institutions, and products


Olga K.

Technology Transformation

  • Leads large scale risk and regtech digitisation projects, focusing on data integration, aggregation and lineage with Palantir, Microsoft, IBM, Google and others.
  • Supporting definition of Target Operating Model and Large Scale Technology Transformation post M&A activity
  • Working with Central Banks & financial institutions on innovative project:
    • Regulatory Intelligence and Reporting
    • Risk Analysis & Monitoring
    • Conduct Risk & Surveillance
Lana Hampicke
Lana H.

Organisational Transformation and M&A (T3 Partner)

  • Spearheaded the establishment of multiple new legal entities, ensuring seamless integration and compliance with local and international regulations.
  • Supported FTSE 500 companies in conducting benchmarking and independent reviews to improve strategy
  • Led the consolidation control function post-M&A ensuring regulatory alignment across combined entities.
  • Assisted companies in addressing complex regulations or sanctions
  • Proven track record in enhancing companies’ relationships with regulatory bodies, fostering trust and ensuring smoother audits and reviews.


Vikash L.

Cyber risk Specialist

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments: Utilizes cutting-edge tools to identify and prioritize digital weak points.
  • Tailored Risk Management Solutions: Designs strategies specific to client needs, ensuring optimal security alignment.
  • Incident Response Planning: Prepares organizations for potential breaches with rapid response protocols.
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance: Ensures systems and processes meet industry and legal cybersecurity standards.
  • Employee Training & Awareness: Offers programs to bolster internal cybersecurity knowledge and best practices.
Gwendoline Grollier
Gwendoline G.

Risk & ESG frameworks (T3 Partner)

  • Senior executive with extensive experience in banking risk management and investment management.
  • Certified in FRM & ESG Investing CFA : Positioned at the unique intersection of traditional finance and the evolving realm of sustainable investing.
  • Proficient in creating Risk & ESG frameworks that are operational across the organisation.
  • Expert in governance, with a proven track record of supporting organizations through successful audit reviews and supervisory scrutiny.
Julia S.

Risk Management Senior Advisor

  • Ex- CRO and Board Member to financial institutions.
  • In depth knowledge of Senior Management Regime and risk management governance
  • Expert in counterparty credit risk, liquidity risk, reputational and market risk measurement and management; stress testing and capital planning; clearing and settlement risk; balance sheet management; and risk governance.
  • Expert on related regulations : DORA, BCBS frameworks, CRR/CRD
  • Has led multiple recent industry surveys and publications on high-profile risk management topics.
Severine B.

Quantitative Analysis - Credit

  • Credit Quantitative Risk senior analyst at a Tier-1 Investment Bank
  • Developed Trading Risk methodologies, such as IRC/DRC, VaR scenarios, RNIV, Stress test as well as Counterparty Credit risk (EPE) and Credit scoring models (LGD/PD, Altman Z-score)
  • Knowledgeable in diverse products – from complex derivatives to traditional lending, counterparties, sectors, and geographies
  • Local and international regulatory standards understanding (e.g., Basel III/IV, IFRS 9)
  • C++ and Python advanced developer
Aisha D.

Enterprise Risk Specialist

  • Conceived, improved, and implemented strategic risk management frameworks across multiple top-tier banks
  • Crafted bespoke risk appetite statements aligned with each bank’s objectives
  • Championed ICAAP & ICARA, ensuring comprehensive capital adequacy assessments
  • Coordinated SREP, collaborating with regulators and internal departments
  • Provided expert insights during multiple Section 166 reviews, guiding remediation strategies
John T.

Quantitative Analysis & Model Validation - Rates

  • Headed multiple Quant and Model Validation teams for top-tier banks and a renowned global discretionary macro hedge fund
  • Led & coordinated model validation activities relating to Front Office pricing, market risk (VaR, FRTB), CVA/XVA, counterparty exposure (IMM), and CFO models for Rates
  • Spearheaded the LIBOR transition strategic initiative, ensuring seamless alternative reference rates transition
  • SQL, C++ and Python advanced skills
Amine K.

Analytics, Risk & Machine Learning Expert (Advisor)

  • 15+yr in Financial Services, merging trading, risk management & machine learning expertise
  • Worked for top-tier European banks, incl. BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse
  • Expert in credit trading strategies, performance metrics, & risk optimization, as well as market risk analytics, predictive modeling, and cross-asset risk management
  • Adept at developing decision-making dashboards using SAP, Oracle, Hyperion
  • Machine Learning researcher with a focus on AI in finance
  • Machine Learning PhD candidate in Economics & Finance, UCL
Rob Cooke
Rob C.

Technology & Operational Resilience (Advisor)

  • Extensive experience in operational resilience framework: UK OpRes, DORA regulation and Cross Industry Guidance
  • Resilience testing methodologies, including advanced threat simulations
  • Review of Third-Party Risk Management process
  • Designed SOC2 control standards and guided technical teams
  • Disaster Recovery planning (inc Incident & Recovery) for multiple Data Centres
  • Delivered a key programme to test Backup, Recovery, and Restore processes for priority applications
Dr Noman Sultan
Dr Noman S.

Risk Governance, Operational Resilience & Security (Advisor)

  • Risk management expert specializing in corporate governance, cybersecurity, and operational resilience strategies
  • Proven track record implementing ISO 27001, GDPR, and DORA frameworks for numerous financial institutions – including gap analysis, remediation, and rollout
  • Deep expertise in Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance, auditing, and risk assessment
  • Skilled facilitator of impactful training programs
  • PhD in Governance & Leadership, Master in Social Innovation – unique blend of strategic and ethical risk management perspectives

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