Optimising Organisation / Operation

Organizational unrest can impact performance negatively. Whether the issue sits at senior management ranks or within the implementation, operational failure is unavoidable if there is persistent conflict.


Optimising Organisational Design

T3 has worked with several organisational structures and has experienced the downside with some designs (e.g. matrix organizations). 

Poor Employee Motivation

Motivating employees can be very hard as it requires “real”  change and “consistent” delivery. Therefore, most of our employee motivation assignments are supported by organisational psychologists.

Post Merger Integration

T3 has also delivered organisational realignment following significant change, such as post-merger integrations and dealt with all stages from baselining (understanding the current state of management ambition, skills,  processes and systems) to strategy definition and management buy-in to delivery.

Decision-Making Optimization

Decision-making depends on the firm’s capabilities and communication strategy. Our decision-making offering looks at how decisions are made within an organisation. This entails an understanding of  the organisation structure ( distribution and clarity of roles and responsibilities), the tools (technology (pre-emptive or not), data coverage, timeliness and quality) and the internal feedback mechanism (record keeping, lessons learned, staff surveys amongst others)